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Basic Pneumatic Modules

Roller lever valve, 3/2 NC
Qty: 7 pcs.
Part #: P24-2525
Uni-directional roller lever, 3/2 NC
Qty: 1 pc.
Part #: P26-2525
Double acting cylinder
Qty: 3 pcs.
Part #: P11-100-258
Single acting cylinder (image currently not available)
Qty: 1 pc.
Part #: P10-050-25625

Bistable 5/2 way valve, pneumatically actuated on both sides
Qty: 3 pcs.
Part #: P21-25525

Monostable 5/3 way valve close center, pneumatically actuated on both sides
Qty: 1 pc.
Part #: P24-25525

Monostable 3/2 way valve, pneumatically actuated on one side
Qty: 1 pc.
Part #: P20-25525
FRL with slide valve
(No image availabe currently)
Qty: 1 unit
Part #: P31-25525

Air supply manifold
Qty: 1 unit
Part #: P32-38

Pneumatic control module
Qty: 1 unit
Part #: P40-A6S

Flow control valve
Qty: 2 pcs.
Part #: P41-2525

Air flow monitor
Qty: 1 pc.
Part #: P42-2525

Pneumatic timer
Qty: 1 pc.
Part #: P50-2525

Electro-pneumatic counter
Qty: 1 pc.
Part #: P51-ES

Shuttle valve (optional)
Qty: 1 pc.
Part #: P52-2525

Valve (optional)
Qty: 1 pc.
Part #: P53-2525

Click here to read more about the training cart. For further customization of your pneumatic package, please consult our Tech Services or call us at 416-578-4ETS (416-578-4387).

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