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Direct Shift Gearbox (DSG-Gearbox)

Direct Shift Gearbox (DSG-Gearbox)
  • Six forward gerars and one reverse gear
  • Normal driving program "D", sports program "S" as well as Tiptronic selector lever and Tiptronic steering wheel levers (optional)
  • Mechatronics, electronic and electro-hydraulic control unit are housed in the gearbox
  • Hillholder function - if the vehicle begins to move when stationary, with just light brake application, the clutch pressure is increased and the vehicle is held in position
  • Creep regulation - allows creeping of the vehicle, when parking for example, without accelerator pedal application
  • Emergency mode - in the event of a fault, the vehicle can still be driven, with emergency mode activated, in 1st and 3rd gear or just in 2nd gear

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