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Processing Station - Handling, Transporting, Pressing

A two-axes handling system is picking workpieces by its vacuum gripper, turns by 180 and puts them into the working area of a hydraulic press. From here, the workpieces are pushed into the pressing equipment. After the safety cage of the press is closed, the pressing process is started by a hydraulic cylinder. At the end of the process, a pneumatic cylinder pushes the workpieces out of the working area through the open safety door in order to bring them to the Handling Unit's disposal. The press provides a working area, which is closed all around. The safety walls are made of plexiglas and enable good visibility to survey the pressing process.

Processing Station
Training Objectives:
  • Work planning and technical communication
  • Checking, marking and scribing
  • Manual and mechanical machining, cutting and forming
  • Assembly work, connecting
  • Construction of electric controls
  • Construction of pneumatic controls
  • PLC-programming
  • Commissioning of mechanic, electric and pneumatic systems
  • Trouble shooting
  • Automatizing of working sequence


Applied Technology:
  • Motor Controlling
  • Conveying Technology
  • Sensorics
  • Hydraulics
  • Pneumatics
  • Positioning
  • Handling; Connecting
  • Two-hand safety control


Technical Data:

Aluminium profile plate: 550 x 800 mm
Operating voltage: 24 VDC
Dimensions of belt: 680 x 50 mm
8 cylinder end switches
1 inductive sensor
1 DC-motor 24 V
4 5/2-way valves
5 double-acting pneumatic cylinders
1 hydraulic cylinder
Operator Panel: with illuminated push-buttons and emergency switch
Service Unit: 3/2-way hand valve
Connector Modules: with 2 x 8 bit connector plug
PLC Requirements:
23 digital PLC-inputs
16 digital PLC-outputs

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